nautical rope bracelet

The last weekend of summer is here…which means you don’t have much time to make and wear this fantastic nautical bracelet. Hurry, hurry!

Nautical Rope Bracelet
3 feet natural cotton rope
2 end caps
2 small rings
1 hook
hot glue gun
wire cutters
pliers (These are used to open and close the rings, but as long as the rings in this project are small, you can just use your hands.)


1. Measure your wrist by twisting the ropes around it. Don’t make the ropes too long so that bracelet falls off your hand —the length of rings and a hook will add extra centimeters. Cut the ropes.
2. We cut three pieces of rope. You may want to sew your three ropes together at the ends, this will make it easier to place them inside the end cap.
3. Pour glue into the first end cap, stick the ropes into it and press tightly. Be careful if you’re using a metallic end cap like we did, because it might get hot and burn your fingers. Use a glove or a piece of cloth to hold it.
4. Repeat for the other end.
5. Attach the rings to the end cap and place the hook. 6. Voila! Your summer nautical bracelet is ready!skewers, soak them in cold water for at least 30 minutes before grilling to prevent burning. If using metal skewers, brush with oil or spray with nonstick spray.

Download the printable tutorial.

– Styling by Julia Gunko + Natalya Prokopanych, photos by Julia Gunko

PS–Julia is one talented lady! Check out more of her work at Thanks, Julia!