memorial day cupcake flags

Memorial Day is the gateway to summer. Pools, BBQs and sunshine, here we come! These easy-to-craft flags will surely add a dash of pizzaz to your Memorial Day celebration.

Memorial Day Cupcake Flags
 cupcakes or another treat to house your flags
lollipop sticks

1. Cut ribbon into 6″ pieces.
2. Layer ribbon as you wish. We used a combination of blue and white polka dot, red and silver ribbons. (You can add more than one flag to each stick.)
3. Create a loop with the ribbon and hold it against a lollipop stick.
4. Fold the ribbon (loop to ends) around the lollipop stick.
5. Pull the ends of the ribbon through the loop, creating a loose ribbon knot around the stick.
6. Tighten the knot around the stick by pulling the ends of the ribbon.
7. Adjust to your liking and cut the ribbon ends diagonally so they look pretty.
8. Adorn your cupcakes!