meet the team: joanne

JOANNE GALLAGHER, @inspiredtaste
Covered in flour and always knows where her chef knife is.

What food do you like to make or indulge in?
Scrambled eggs. Seems simple, but too often than not, goes horribly wrong. I like my eggs soft, creamy and seasoned. Whisk well, add a touch of cream, use butter, cook low and slow and serve immediately. Yum.

What’s streaming on your Pandora right now?
Totally into Gin Wigmore at the moment – funky, lots of personality and has the perfect sound for wiggling my hips when cooking in the kitchen.

Do you have a favorite tip for easy entertaining?
Choose one or two recipes to make yourself, making it personal. Then, supplement with a selection of olives, cheese or cold meats that are easy to present and tasty for your guests. This way, you are there to entertain, not stuck in the kitchen and worrying about the food. You should enjoy the party just as much as who you invite.

If you could leave tomorrow, where is your dream vacation spot?
Hard question. Travel to me equals exploring a culture and the way I do that is through food. A dream vacation would be to travel through the countryside of France, meet the people, see the villages and learn through the humble and provincial food.

Why do you love maché magazine?
maché is as much for me as it is for you. maché is how to live with style: in the kitchen, when entertaining and in the everyday.