meet the team: jenna

JENNA SHEETZ, @jennak24
I can’t count how many times I’ve been told I look like Julia Roberts. I have a bucket list, which includes riding a camel in Egypt one day.

What food do you like to make or indulge in?
Buffalo Chicken Dip! It’s super easy to make and everyone LOVES it, including me. It’s a staple in my house when it comes to family gatherings and even football Sunday!

What’s streaming on your Pandora right now?
Miranda Lambert is always on my Pandora. I also have been listening to Eric Church and some good ‘ole Hank Williams Jr.

Do you have a favorite beauty tip?
I always have dry shampoo on hand. It’s great for when you’re running short on time, and I’ve found it adds a little extra volume to my hair.

If you could leave tomorrow, where is your dream vacation spot?
Greece! I would love to soak up the beautiful views, the culture and especially the food!

Why do you love maché magazine?
maché has a lot of inspiring and fun ideas from entertaining to style. It reminds you that it’s okay to take the time to do the little things in life that you love and enjoy.