meet the team: heather

HEATHER WINKEL, @hwinks + @quitelikeit
Could survive on shoes and strawberry milk.

What food do you like to make or indulge in?
Ice cream (eating, not making). I love the endless options that come with my favorite frozen treat. I can always find a combo to match my mood–can you say salted caramel? I’d take honey/cinnamon/vanilla or andes mint from my local dairy any day of the week. I’ve been known to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What’s streaming on your Pandora right now?
A mix of Glee, Bon Jovi and Billy Joel.

Do you have a favorite tip for easy entertaining?
Keep awesome straws on hand at all times. They add a perfect dash of color to any old drink and are fun to sip from. They’re cheap, easy to come by and require little effort for maximum impact. I’m currently crushing on these bad boys.

If you could leave tomorrow, where is your dream vacation spot?
Hard choice, but right now I’ve got my heart set on Greece (possibly because I know every song from Mamma Mia and could watch it on repeat). I’d love to spend a few weeks reenergizing, relaxing and exploring the islands with my husband. Breathtaking views, beautiful sunsets and crystal clear water are calling my name.

Why do you love maché magazine?
maché is all of the things I love in one place. From entertaining to crafts to fashion, it’s got my interests covered. I’m excited to merge my obsession with all things paper and my love for making magazines. Plus, I’ll get to share all of my crazy ideas with people willing to give them a whirl!