meet the team: adam

Adam Gallagher, @inspiredtaste
Always looking for an excuse to buy electronics and forever in search of something tasty.

What food do you like to make or indulge in?
Soup. From light and delicate to bold and satisfying, soup will always put a smile onto my face, and on occasion, a stain on my shirt. Top favorites span from Vietnamese Pho to a simple chicken noodle.

What’s streaming on your Pandora right now?
Honestly, this changes from day to day. I am always in search of something new. An old and trusty favorite, though, is a combo of Coldplay and Zero 7.

Do you have a favorite tip for easy entertaining?
For you next cocktail party, pre-mix two of your favorite martinis and keep in pitchers next to a bucket of ice and a shaker, then allow your guests to self shake and serve.

If you could leave tomorrow, where is your dream vacation spot?
This is possibly the hardest question to answer because the entire world would be my honest answer, but since I have to choose one dream vacation, New Zealand, because it has great vineyards, is clean and has everything from mountains to green meadows to bright blue beaches.

Why do you love maché magazine?
Life is full of inspiration. maché is a way to remind myself and you of that.