looking for a pot of gold

Most of you are going green this Saint Patrick’s Day. Not us. We’re hoping to find a pot of gold at the end of this cake rainbow…

Vertical Stripe Cake
This cake may be high maintenance, but totally worth the effort. Especially if you really do find that pot of gold!

1 box red velvet cake mix
3 boxes white cake mix
gel food coloring
2 containers cream cheese frosting
rainbow sprinkles

1. Make and bake your red velvet and white cakes in 8-inch pans. We used gel food coloring to dye each white cake batter a different color.
2. Pull cakes out of oven and immediately remove from pans and cut off crust tops.
3. Put all four cakes in freezer for six hours.
4. Follow I am Baker’s instructions for creating and putting together cake layers. We made four cakes and alternated colors in each cake for the rainbow effect.
5. Frost cakes with cream cheese frosting and cover with sprinkles!

Download the recipe card here.

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– By Ananda Spadt, photos by Rebecca Gratz