How did you come up with the name maché?

We wanted a snappy, fun word for the magazine. What other word can be a fun craft project and a delicious lettuce variety? We knew the second it rolled off our tongues. It’s the perfect word for a food and party magazine!

So how do you pronounce maché?

It’s pronounced mə-ˈshā like the craft project paper mache. Listen here!

How do the free printable downloads work?

All of our downloads (recipes too) can be printed on 8.5”x11” card stock. You can them cut them out and use them however you wish! We just ask that you use them for personal, non-commercial use only, don’t copy, alter or reproduce and link to www.machemag.com directly instead of posting the pdf elsewhere.

Will you feature my party in the magazine?

Maybe. Take a look at our submissions page and if your party fits, send us an email!

Do you plan parties?

We sure do! Send us an email at hello@machemag.com and we’ll be happy to discuss.