easy advent

Tomorrow is the first day of advent, which means you still have time! We like to keep things simple, and this ornament tree does just that.

Ornament Tree Advent
makes 1 advent • $$ • 1 hour

24 tags
24 safety pins
50-inch piece of jute
red thread
sewing machine
2 pieces of wooden dowel rods cut to 4 1/2 inches each
craft wire
gold paint
paint brush
number stencil
24 small ornaments
small tree

1. Place jute face-side-down on table and turn 1 inch on the top over. Using red thread, sew the end to the front of the jute, creating a small pocket for the dowel rode to slide through. Do the same on the bottom.
2. Sand down edges of dowel rodes and slide one through each “pocket” on the jute.
3. Take a piece of wire and wrap around the ends of the top dowel creating a hanger.

Don’t have time to make your own backdrop? Just tack a piece of jute to the wall!

1. Place 24 tags on a table and use stencil to paint numbers 1-24.
2. Slide one tag and one small ornament onto a safety pin and attach to jute backdrop.
3. Attach all 24 tags and ornaments.
4. Starting on the first day of advent take the appropriate ornament down and add it to your small tree.

Download the free how-to instructions!

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– By Heather Winkel, photo by Krista Leigh Hurst.