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Memorable and made with love, homemade bath tea sachets are so simple. Fill with an assortment of organic herbs, oatmeal and salt.

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Organic Bath Tea

Ratios of oatmeal to herbs and salt can vary based on your preferences. For the Bath Tea shown above, we used a ratio of 1/2 oatmeal, 1/4 salt and 1/4 herbs. Be sure to use organic ingredients, reducing pesticides and chemicals that will contact the skin. For organic herbs and spices, try  Mountain Rose Herbs.

organic oatmeal
sea salt
red rose petals
peppermint leaf
Hibiscus flowers
4″ x 6″ organic cotton muslin bags
Bath Tea Tags, can be downloaded here

  1. Mix together ingredients until it looks great and smells good.
  2. Fill cotton muslin bags with mixture.
  3. Tightly close the bag.
  4. Attach Tag.
  5. For the tags: Print tags front and back (it might take a few attempts to get the front and back to line up properly) on 8.5″x11″ paper of your choice. Cut tags out following template lines. Punch a hole in the tag and tie with a cute string of your choice.
  6. For use, drop the entire bag into a tub of warm water to soothe and relax.

Bath Tea Tags were designed by Quite Like It Design.