day 8: glitterati gift tags

We’re feeling quite blingy this year. Spread the glitterati love (and glitter residue) with twinkling gift tags. A handful of these under a tree will really spread the sparkle.

Glitterati Gift Tags
wooden gift tags
craft glue, glitter
small sponge brush
small piece of paper

1. Roll up a small piece of paper and stick it through the gift tag hole (this is so you don’t glitter over it!).
2. Use sponge brush to paint glue onto one side of wooden gift tag, evenly covering from edge to edge.
3. Place tag glue side up and sprinkle with glitter. You may want to put tags in a box to catch excess glitter.
4. Let dry.
5. Once dry, dump excess glitter off of tags and remove paper from hole.
6. Write on back (we used a glitter pen) and attach to gifts with sparkly ribbon.

Download the printable how-to!

– By Heather Winkel