day 6: hovland swanson bow

Hovland Swanson Department Store in Lincoln, Nebraska, was the place to purchase your wife a mink coat for Christmas. Hovland offered wonderful gift wrapping for any purchase, but a mink coat was placed inside a new aluminum trash can. Many a husband could be seen grinning ear to ear while putting a shiny silver garbage can with a Hovland Swanson bow under the tree. When a woman arrived at church on Christmas morning wearing a mink coat with a bow pinned to the front, everyone knew she had opened a garbage can from Hovland. The department store is closed, but the bow lives on.

The Hovland Swanson Bow
clear tape
square of cardstock

1. Wrap ribbon in a circle 10 times. Cut excess and secure inner end with a piece of tape.
2. Center cardstock under ribbon and staple both sides of circle, as pictured.
3. Loosen each loop of the ribbon. This completes 1/2 the bow.
4. Repeat steps one-three to complete the second half of the bow.
5. Staple the two pieces in the center, perpendicular to each other. Tape to the top of a gift.

Download the printable how-to!

PS–More secrets for tying the perfect bow.