day 1: greeting card art

If you haven’t thought about holiday cards yet … start. right. NOW. Show a little personality by sending out cards that double as art.

Greeting Card Art
spray paint
acrylic paint
letter stickers
chalk or oil pastels

1. Cut a piece of paperboard down to the size of your desired card. Mine is 4” by 6”. (Hint: reuse an old cereal box as your base layer).
2. Cut a holiday shape out of a piece of paper. It can be thick paperboard, or as thin as crumpled newspaper (which makes for a nice texture)
3. Glue shape to card (for best results, use rubber cement).
4. With inexpensive sticker letters (available in the sign making section at any office supply store), set a holiday greeting on your card (I used 1/2” Helvetica letters).
5. Spray paint a base layer onto your card. Typically you’ll want to use a dark base color, but in this case I used gold and yellow for the star.
6. With complimentary acrylic paints, dry brush over the card. Try to create areas of contrast. Don’t be afraid to ad more, thin layers of spray paint. Bring out as much texture as you can while making the letters visible.
7. Using the side of a piece of contrasting chalk or oil pastel, lightly rub the letters so the edges become more visible.
8. Trim down the edges if your shape goes over them, write a message on the back and send to a loved one.

Download the how-to printable!

– By Quentin Lueninghoener