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maché is an online magazine that covets life’s true essentials: delicious food and making memories with friends and family. Brimming with recipes, fabulous events, swoon-worthy fashion and DIY downloads, maché makes it easier to live life to the fullest. maché provides ideas for elevating the everyday. Our readers demand the freshest ideas, best recipes, and smartest products in a medium convenient to their busy lives. maché delivers anytime, anywhere, at machemag.com. Subscribe for free at www.machemag.com/subscribe.

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Proofreader Carla Correa
Photography Dev Hanumara
Photography Daniel Johnson
Food + Recipes, Photography Adam + Joanne Gallagher of Inspired Taste
Food + Recipes, Photography Iowa Girl Eats
DIY + Craft, Photography Julia Gunko of murushki
Model Regina Willis
Food + Recipes Ben Spadt
DIY + Craft, Photography Quentin Lueninghoener

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